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    High-resolution optical spectrum analyzer for evaluating D-WDM systems and components. The AQ6317 is an advanced optical spectrum analyzer for a wide range of applications, including light source evaluation, measurement of loss wavelength characteristics in optical devices, and waveform analysis of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) systems. Especially at 1550 nm band, the unit achieves high wavelength accuracy and wavelength linearity, and can evaluate optical devices for WDM. Analysis functions make operation and expandability simple. 50 GHz WDM-Signals High-resolution measurement in a wide 50 GHz spectrum dynamic range. Analysis functions for WDM and other optical devices (LD, LED, FBG, etc.) Provides ±0.05 nm wavelength accuracy in the 1550 nm band, with ±0.01 nm wavelength linearity, making it especially useful for high-precision loss wavelength characteristic and other evaluation of WDM devices. The wavelength scale indicates both in air and in vacuum. In conjunction with a AQ4320 Tunable Laser Source, much higher wavelength resolution/wide dynamic range can be achieved by high-speed synchronous sweep. Achieves wavelength resolution of 0.015 nm Covers from 600 nm to 1750 nm and high sensitivity allow measurement of light at down to -90 dBm. Measurements such as gain of optical amplifier can be proceeded accurately because polarization dependency is suppressed as low as ±0.05 dB. Accurate within a ±0.3 dB. Even high-power output from an optical amplifier can be measured directly without an optical attenuator. 9.4-inch color LCD Pulsed light can be measured Three individual trace memories
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